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RYGG – Peter

RYGG – Peter

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Your RYGG not only stores things, it also looks stylish


Your lifestyle your RYGG. Thanks to our push button system, the RYGG is variable and can be adapted to your trip at any time. It doesn't matter whether it's a micro-adventure or a long journey, whether it's a family carriage or a sports car.

Your RYGG always suits you.


You can design your RYGG completely according to your ideas. Not only the modules can be arranged freely, the color of the components of our modules can also be selected individually.


We manufacture the RYGG for you in Munich in our own workshop.


Unsere Produkte werden aus robusten Materialien gefertigt. Eine lange Lebensdauer macht es zu einem nachhaltigen Produkt.


Hier findest du alle Infos zu Versand und Lieferzeiten

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Wir produzieren unsere Produkte in der eigenen Werkstatt in München-Giesing. Kurze Wege, faire und nachhaltige Produktion.

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