Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to order a custom built Baseplate?

Yes, we will be pleased to calculate the ideal size for your purposes.
All we need is the dimensions of the area onto which you’d like the RYGG to be installed.

Please use our Custom Build Form for providing the necessary information.

Is it possible to rearrange the colors of the Pockets individually?

It is! Please use our Pocket Modifier to create your own style.

Will the RYGG fit into my camper van?

No matter if on the back of a seat, a free area at the wall or on a piece of furniture: there’s a place for a RYGG anywhere inside your camper van.

My vehicle is equipped with seats that don’t have actual head rests (so called pilot’s seats). Can I use the RYGG nevertheless?

Yes. We have developed a solution that allows for the RYGG to be installed on seats with integrated headrests.

Will I still be able to turn the seat around when my RYGG is installed?

Yes, the RYGG is slim enough to allow the seat to rotate, provided there are no additionally built in pieces of furniture that might interfere with the rotation.

Can I attach the RYGG to a passenger car’s seat?

Yes, you can.
Since usually there is less space below the seat compared to a camper van, make sure to place the larger Pockets further to the top of the Baseplate.

Please see this example.

Isn’t the Fastening Cord around the seat interfering when driving?

The Cord can be twined around the seat in a way that it is not noticeable when using the seat.

How much weight can the RYGG carry?

The Modules can carry ca. 0,7 kg (1,5 lbs) per push button.
Nevertheless, the RYGG in its entirety should not be strained with more than 10 kg (22 lbs).

During our tests the RYGG easily carried a load of 30 kg, however the materials and especially your seat might suffer from excessive pressure and high strain.

What is the best way to clean the RYGG?

In most cases, it’s sufficient to let stains dry and then wipe them with a damp cloth.
When dealing with severe dirtying, the Pockets can be machine washed at 30° C (86 ° F) and dried in a tumble drier.

The Baseplate should only be brushed off and not be submerged in water.

Ordering and Shipping

I have just assembled my RYGG by means of the Customizer. Now I’d like to order some other items, however I was already sent to checkout.
Will I have to pay the shipping costs twice if I place another order?

Of course not.

Unfortunately and due to technical restrictions, there is no way to combine your Custom RYGG with other items from the shop.

Simply order your RYGG from the Customizer and select Ship with my Customizer order when asked for the shipping option for your subsequent order.

What options do you offer for payment?

You can pay for your online orders by PayPal, credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.
If you buy locally at our Workshop, we accept cash, ec card, or credit card.

How long will it take for my goods to arrive?

Right now, there is an estimated lead time of 3 to 4 weeks to be considered for modified Pockets/Products. This is mostly because we manufacture every product by hand when ordered.
Should all the requested items be in stock already, we will pass your shipment on to the package delivery company within 72 hours after the order has been placed.

More information on shipping costs and worldwide delivery times

Can I pick up my goods at your Workshop?

Yes. Please choose Collection as delivery option at checkout and bring along a printout of your order when visiting us.

Please consider our opening hours or make an appointment beforehand.

Can I exchange the RYGG?

In case your RYGG doesn’t fully meet your requirements in terms of color or otherwise, we will be glad to send you a different one or refund your money.
A prerequisite is, however, that the goods are being sent back unused and undamaged.
The costs for the return shipping will have to be paid by you.


Is the Kompanja wooden panel included in the delivery of the Kompanja RYGG?

No, the panel is built in inside the Kompanja camper van (unless the variant with two cabinets at the rear has been chosen).

I’d like to order a RYGG for my Kompanja camper van. Who is going to install it?

In case you’ve already received you Kompanja van, you will have to mount your RYGG yourself.
If your van is still in production, we will send your RYGG to Kompanja, where it will be installed before delivery.


I’d like to give a VANTALE product as a present, thus I won’t be able to settle for a certain color. Can I order a voucher for your store?

You’re in luck! We are offering a beautiful voucher inside a handmade sleeve.

Do you sell any items at a reduced rate (like discontinued models, second quality products, exhibits)?

Yes, please have a look at our Sale section.

Could you send me some samples of your fabrics?

We don’t have a standardized samples system right now.
If you should absolutely need some color samples, please send us an e-mail.

I have a question that hasn’t been listed here. Whom can I turn to?

Please see the various means for contacting us.

We look forward to your message!